meet kass

I am Kassandra- Ashley - artist and curator of kash collections.

I pride myself on being a Texan in Delaware who loves giving everything silly nicknames, singing loudly at concerts, and visiting new breweries with Austin.

I found my passion for art in 2011 while living in Guantanamo Bay. Since starting kash in 2021, I’ve been obsessed with creating and trying new things.

I am so proud of our shop. We love pop up vendor events and meeting all of you and other small business owners. One of coolest things is our partnership with Scribble Lady in North Dakota, they're the ones who helped create our watercolor palette. We sell our cards in their shop and promote the famous glass dip pen kits.
Another thing I love to brag about is being a #TikTokPartner with their TikTok Impact initiative that highlights small businesses around the country. Because of this, I'm verified!